On the internet, everyday we are bombarded with a lot of data (data could be in many forms news, photos, songs).

  • RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) combined with the RSS Reader helps us in reducing the number of sites to visit to almost zero for any new data.

  • Mash ups helps us in aggregating, filtering, sorting of the data.
The Mashups tools which are emerging are easy to use (just drag and drop). Examples of few of the tools are:

I have tried out Yahoo Pipes and its pretty much to easy to create a mashup. The power and easiness can be best explained by looking at the source of a mashup in Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo Pipes by default publishes all the mashups as a RSS feed also.

Example: Flickr Photos Pipe

This yahoo pipes mashup picks up all my favourites photo websites and aggregrates the items and gives it as a single RSS feed. Look at the source of yahoo pipes which quickly explains you on the aggregation happens.

  1. Picks up all the links added as favourites in delicious with a specific tag (in this case the tag is "tag:special" / "tag:feed")

  2. For each site, get all the items (i.e. news items)

  3. Aggregrate all the items

  4. Sort the items in descending order of publishing date / time

  5. Publish the items and get it as a RSS feed
I used this RSS feed in any RSS Reader to view the photos. Also through this, whenever I come across a new photo site I am interested in, I just tag it in delicious and it automatically comes up in the feed.

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