Ever heard of Firefox? I
hope most of us are quite comfortable playing with Firefox and are currently viewing this page in the same. If not, you may like to read about this web-browser here. Not convinced? Bear with me till the end of this post.

An amazing aspect of Firefox is its add-ons. Browsers like Opera have a lot of inbuilt features that are done by Fx add-ons, but still, the large community involved with Fx results in a much larger variety. I am listing some of my favorite add-ons that I use almost on a daily basis at home.

1. The first thing I install after installing Firefox is Restart Firefox. It adds 'Restart Firefox' under the File menu and makes it easier to get-out-and -come-back when your browser is faced with a problem [After installing add-ons, an option is present by default to restart Firefox].
Update: It seems 'Restart Firefox' is no longer supported. I am now suggesting Quick Restart. This has a keyboard shortcut too. [Install]

2. Next, I go for Tab Mix Plus. In short, this extension takes the experience of Tabbed browsing a step higher. You can change the tab sizes, get multi-row tabs, mouse-based tab-operations, modify link properties and a whole lot more. It also has Crash Recovery but I use Fx's Session Restore. [Install]

3. Time to color your tabs now. Colorful Tabs is a nice add-on that gives colors to various tabs. The colors are not too dark. You can also adjust how dim the non-active tabs should be. Personally, I wish I could give each derived-link-in-new-tab the same color as the from-tab with newly opened blank tabs getting new colors. Still a great add-on for having a colorful tab-bar. [Install]

4. Want to listen to music without moving away from your browser? Use Foxy Tunes. This add-on allows you to control quite a few media players like Winamp, WMP etc from your browser window itself. VLC Player support is missing though. [Install]

5. There is some pleasure in knowing that your onsite friends are working while you are at home browsing away. FoxClocks could help you keep track of various times across the globe. You can even make multiple clocks to be displayed on your status bar. [Install]

6. In the busy schedule that we are faced with, it is natural that we forget some important tasks. Though in office it is Outlook's Calendar that helps me, ReminderFox is what I use at home. Daily tasks such as to make a call at some time, go for dinner, go online etc. are covered and so are annual formalities [wishing birthdays/anniversaries]. [Install]

7. In sites like Pligg etc., you might come across links that are not clickable links. Linkification will convert all such links (including mailto: ) to clickable. [Install]

8. Now and then we come across sites that are 'IE-only'. Many a site don't behave well with non-IE browsers. IE Tab is a good solution. All it takes is just one click at the bottom-right section of the status bar to switch from Fx engine to IE engine and your IE-only site is out there in Fx too. [Install]

9. Winding it up with an add-on I use sometime. Specifically designed for people who can't post in English. :) Leet Key helps you to type in 133t. Just go to a text box and type your message and watch it appear on screen in 133t. Impressive.[Install]

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