Google Hello, End of GTalk?

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After Google Talk, Hello is another Instant Messaging (IM) service by Google, with a different take. It is an application for sharing digital images with friends—no Web sites and no e-mail required to share your photos with Hello. The only requirement is that both the sender and receiver need to have the Hello program installed. Get it at
Picasa launched the Hello service under the Google’s umbrella to share photos using P2P. You can share with your friend while chatting—no resizing high-quality photos or wasting time waiting for the images to upload. Blogger users can also upload photos and add captions directly through Hello. It also has Bloggerbot, which is in your buddy list, and directly uploads photos to your Blogger blog. At present, Hello only supports JPEG files.

What it does?

You can send images using IM and simultaneously add comments
and chat with your friend. The receiver will receive images in a few
seconds (depending on your connection), and then the images can
be saved or printed. If you’re well-versed with IM messengers, then
using Hello should be a piece of cake.

Your photos and chat are secure, as the application connects
you by peer to peer networking even when your firewall is on. All
chat and photos transferred are protected with 128-bit Advanced
Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Friends List

This is the list of all your friends on the Hello network. When you’ve got pictures to share, look here to see who’s online.

Sending Pictures

Hello keeps a library of your recently shared pictures, so you can find things quickly without browsing through your files.

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