US Downloader Guide!

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US Downloader fully automates the download process from Rapidshare !!!! and by-passes all limits!!!!

Advantages of US Downloader

- The Actual Downloader, this program supports automated downloading from over 50 share

sites such as: | | | | and many many more !!!

- The code reader, this application uses as an OCR device to read picture codes automaticly and thus allowing the user to fully automate the download process!

Download Link

Configuring US Downloader

Reconnect must be
properly configured to disconnect one's connection from the internet and reconnect once a download is done. (to change the ip and avoid Waiting time). When it loads up choose the correct method for you and click save & reconnect.

Usage Information

Add links by pasting them on to the programs interface using 'CTRL+V' key or by
clicking the 'Paste' icon (marked in red in pic!), you can also use the advanced link adding feature using the 'PLUS' icon (pushed in the pic!)

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